a quote & awesome genes

"Out of clutter find simplicity; 
From discord find harmony; 
In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"
~Albert Einstein

I'm not a quote-a-day person but I do come across some great ones in all of my daily wanderings.  After the storm ordeal in April it was like a landslide of change in my life (including this blog!) A few of the biggies: my job has had some major changes, we are renovating our downstairs into an apartment for my Mom, and I've given up my OCD mentality when it comes to thrifting, buying, and selling.  

And just because... I'm including this pic of 1/2 the good stock I come from. The matriarch in this photo is my great great grandmother Annie Hennigan.  She came over from Ireland in the early 1900s as an indentured servant and she was just a teenager.  She left Ireland on a ship with her brother but the records show her arriving alone. It's a mystery in our family - noone knows what happened to him.  I can only imagine her state of mind and her will to succeed in America. 

She and my great great grandfather Nathan are sitting in the middle and the rest of the bunch are three generations of their offspring.  (oh, and that's my cute little mom sitting at Annie's knee with a big ol' bow in her hair).

~simplicity, harmony, and opportunity~ 
Thanks for the reminder Mr. Einstein and thanks for the inspiration Annie. 
 I keep this picture in my office and I give her a smile every day.

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Ali Richardson said...

I loooove old photos like that! Crazy story about how her brother went M.I.A....so strange.

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