I get to...

I heard this saying recently and I found myself mumbling throughout the day trying it out for size.  It actually DOES put things in perspective.  

For instance, we are making our downstairs into an apartment for my Mom.  
Tomorrow I GET TO haul furniture up 2 flights of stairs in 100 degree heat. Then I GET TO pick up a moving truck, go to Home Depot to buy appliances, cabinets, etc., bring them home and haul them down 2 flights of stairs in 100 degree heat.
See doesn't that sound better?

It does make you think about things a little differently though.
You should try it out.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Andrea said...

Love the perspective and that you're doing that for your mom...how great is that!

The Vintique Object said...

Hi Jenn! This is so funny, as a former teacher, I used this bit of psychology on my students, and it was amazingly helpful. Now, as my girls are starting to grow older, and understand most everything I say, I'm using it with them too! (Somehow it's not as affective with your own kids. They see through so much.)

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