Flea Finds

This week I found what I consider my "typical" haul.  Ironstone, scrabble tiles, vintage utensils, something for someone I love...

I love scrabble.  I play as much as I can when my Mom visits and 
Now they have it on Facebook!!  
M'friend Julianne and I have 2 games going at all times. 
I have no shame in my game and take complete advantage of their "2 letter word" dictionary.

I've taken up collecting old scrabble games for the tiles

That's all, 
just Ahhhh.

My daughter moved in to her first place a year ago and I'm always finding little things for her.  She loves wood accessories so I snagged these wooden candle holders.  

I was going to sell these vintage melamine bowls but I just love the color and think I'll hang on to them for a while.  
They're the perfect size for ice cream (ummmm... if you're being good).

To add to my vintage utensil collection 

This is my collection

Is it considered hoarding if everything is nice and tidy in an enamelware bowl? 
Have you ever watched that show?  
I get so stressed watching it because every time they lift something up I am terrified some rodent type animal will jump out. Honestly I've only watched one episode and when they found an animal skeleton AND a live possum IN THE KITCHEN I just couldn't take it.

Lastly, I found this lamp.  I thought it was funky and unique.  
I was thinking of spray painting it with a mirrored finish.  
Or maybe I should just list it in my Etsy shop as is.  
What do you think?

That's it for this week!


Now I know why patience is a virtue....

Here is my little innocent 1980's cane back chair that I found.
It looks harmless right? 
Nice cane, simple cushion to recover (remember I said that later), easy peasy, slam dunk.

The straps were broke in the seat so we put some of my favorite Gorilla Glue to reattach the metal ends.  

ONCE AGAIN [will I ever learn???]

I would like to share with you an example
 of either the larva or the pupa phase of a caterpillar, I'm not sure which.
So Mr. We got out his handy dandy box cutter and took care of it for me.

Moving on

This is where I started to get a little impatient.  
I used some wood stain in the Karate Kid technique and it just saturated it before I could do the wipe off part. 
 I lightened it back up with shots of spray paint, then it was too white.  
More stain, ewww looks dirty.
You get the picture.

I decided to move on to the cushion recover with some red toile fabric 
Here we go with the what felt like 9 miles of piping

On to the cutting, pinning, so far so good.  
BUT what I don't have a picture of is trying to sew the corners of the cushion that are like arms [or fins].  I must have worked on this for 3 hours.  
I found myself murmuring like Rain Man, turn the corner, turn the corner, turn the corner. How frustrating. 
 Hats off to you reupholster queens out there.  
Hints are welcome. 

here it is all done.  
The cane looks dirty so I'm going back to the drawing board with that.  I was hoping maybe it was the light in the basement, but no, definitely looks dirty.

Very disappointing but thought I would share anyway.

I can hear you guys, oh, try try again Jenn, you can do it.  
But really?  I hated it. 
I've decided if the cushion isn't round or square I'm walking right on by.

You know why????
Because I make Nemo  cushions.  


Weekly Finds

This week I came across some awesome finds and a few of them I would love to keep. 
I truly intend to sell everything I buy [at least that’s what I say out loud] but sometimes…..

Awwww… how can I part with this? It’s so adorable and I love the patina on it.

A unique Couroc plate and tray

Bakelite material, embedded wood, plastic and other items make them so creative and different.  They no longer make them - I think they would be the beginning of a great collection but I really have too many collections started as it is. [I know I'm not the only one, riiiight??]

and this chipped-paint two-tiered metal & glass shelf

My Mom gave me this purse to sell for her  

She's had it for years and I've been dragging my feet to put it in my shop.  I get so attached to anything that has to do with my parents.  But, she gave me a purse my great aunt bought her when she was a young girl so I suppose I'm sated.  

My Mom knows me so well. She probably figured if she shakes the shiny pretty thing with one hand I won't see what she's getting rid of with the other.... 
Admittedly [like a toddler] this still works on me!

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On the Side

Last week Mr. We and I decided to do more exploring outside of the city.  I was happy to discover two more Goodwill stores and another consignment shop in our travels.

One of my finds was a small solid wood table.  I suppose it could be used as a coffee table or just a nice little side table to a chair or bed.

Did you know Wal-Mart has OOPS paint!?! Well, they do and there was a BUNCH of it. I picked up a few different gallons of egg-shell and satin. 
This one is sort of a light taupe/grey color.

So the weather here in TN is snowy and grey.  I’m having the hardest time with my pics so I apologize that they aren’t fabulous. 

I have a great idea! Maybe I should get a new camera!?!

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Breaking Radio Silence

I’ve been caught up in the holiday relaxation mode and haven’t posted anything in a little while – SO SORRY!  But now I’m breaking radio silence, looking forward to a wonderful 2011.

I’ve noticed a lot of people are shying away from the ole New Year’s resolutions this year.  Well, not me – sign me up people.  I have some serious organizing and project completing to do. 


Exhibit A:
I have many, many, many projects to do – I don’t know where to start. Oak, oak, and more oak.  Nothing against it, I’m just envisioning a little more cottage/worn/white/grey look.  

Here are just a few (if I put them all up you would glaze over).

Dining room set
I want to restyle my new dining room set I picked up right before Christmas at a thrift store.  I've always wanted a set with cane back chairs.  I fell in love with this one, unfortunately it was missing the 6th chair. [I'm sure I will find another in my travels].  

The Dresser I inherited from my grandparents:

ewwwww.... yes admittedly it's covered in 1990s crackle glaze. 

I did it. 
Its gross. 
I know.

Exhibit B:
Refer to pics in Exhibit A. 

Those of you familiar with my story know that we moved to Chattanooga in May.  We decided to rent a house instead of buy so that we could really get a lay of the land, explore, and figure out exactly where we want to settle.  Our house is everything we need it to be for now, but not what I would have necessarily picked for an end product. 

Example – my living room/dining room area is so dark BATS would be at home here.  Seriously, I would only need to open the front door at dusk so they could fly out to eat and I swear they would circle right back.  There is one 3 ½’ x 5' window for a 25’ long room.

Look, I tried to take a picture of a china cabinet that I want to make over and you can’t even see it.

Exhibit C:

I didn't want to show my office but we're all friends, right? I work from home in addition to this room being my nest.  I really truly need to get things cleaned up. Oh and the two chairs and mini loveseat you see are two more projects on the list....

But I will prevail, it is only January after all!

p.s. here's the chair I recovered for my Mom- nothing fancy [surprise! she's likes beige and oak].  I also need to add another cushion in the back to fill it out and make it more comfy for her.

p.s.s. look at the little donkey & cart I found. isn't he cute?  

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