Flea markets, yard sales, estate sales, auctions, thrift stores - 
you will find me there in my spare time... 
I love me some old, worn, looked-over furniture, vintage everything, 
and anything that can be restyled. 

Photography inspires me, I could surf Pinterest and blogs for hours just for the pictures alone.  I bought myself a Canon EOS Rebel and have enjoyed every second of it.  Totally worth it!

Reading soothes me, I have to read every night or I can't fall asleep.  I will read just about any genre and am always asking my friends and family what's on their list.  {so feel free to suggest any good ones you may have!}

A new passion of mine is cooking (especially chopping) it's like therapy for me.  I hardly ever follow a recipe and if I do the first time I usually tweak it the second.   I love every kind of food except fully cooked vegetables.  I can't stand the mush texture and hot smell, there is something cafeteria about it that I just can't take (must be some childhood experience I had buying lunch?)

I live in Chattanooga, TN with my husband Terry and our two dogs Bubba & Gump.  

  My awesome kids are 21 & 19 doing their own thing 
so I've found I have this extra time and energy to put into something else...
this blog!

I like unique, different, one of a kind things. 
This blog is about those treasures and my adventure in finding them!


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