found it: red, white & blue

Some people are pen people.  Me, I'm a pencil kind of gal and love the old school #2s, does anyone else? Or have you moved on to the mechanical kind? I'm always buying them, I can't help myself and found some awesome blue & white (my favorite color theme) ones the other day.  I have used a manual pencil sharpener forever (you know the one that you use to sharpen your eyeliner?) but came across this cool modern looking one for my desk, super zippy!

blue & white pencils
Staedtler Rally; pack of 12 / $2.99 @ Office Depot

Westcott iPoint Curve $12.99 @ Office Depot 

I like to find my initial on things and I thought this journal was cute (and cheap).  I bought an e one for my daughter too.  I love that $1 isle at Jo-Ann!  I have this by my bed and write ideas down when they pop in my head as I'm drifting off to sleep.  Does anyone else have this disorder?  I swear I do my best thinking as I'm winding down for the day.  It used to drive me nuts but I decided to use it to my advantage and now that I write things down, it's not so bad :)
$1.00/Jo-Ann Fabric

Happy 4th of July everyone!

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Ali Richardson said...

CUTE!!! I love pencils too, and I super love dollar bins!!!

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