Sounds good to me!

I decided to buy something this week that may have many of you scratching your heads thinking 
this girl could be going off the deep end...." 

but I did it anyway.

and my husband deserves an award for patience.

I present to you my newest vintage treasure
a 1974 RCA Console complete with AM/FM stereo, record player, and 8 track player
it's solid maple,
 works perfectly,
 and is like a big warm hug from the past

i swear i dusted
The sound is incredible!
not like your high tech modern day sound, 
but something you can only hear 
from this classic beauty
Do you remember the sound of the needle on the record?
That slight, scratching, crackle?
I put on Frank Sinatra and heard that noise...
I believe I did some sort of 
We danced and sang and laughed for hours!!

Remember this song?
click below to hear it!

I highly suggest ya'll go right out and find one because it is 
you can find some killer albums for $.50 at thrift stores

I kept two albums from when I was younger
The original Grease soundtrack
and REO Speedwagon
They are packed away from the move but I am on a mission to find them now!

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Flea Finds

Hi ya'll!
This week I wasn't going to go thrifting as I had been out of town on business 
but we all have had THAT conversation before, riiiiight?
So.... I decided to pop in to a few stores while running errands Sunday.  
Don't you just love those days when you weren't planning on finding anything and JACKPOT!?!

My Mom bought me one of these Homco globe candle holders years ago and it's been one of my favorite treasures that actually survived my children growing up.  
Now I have a match!  
I don't plan on selling it...

Speaking of a match, I found a glass horse head a while back for .99
woot woot!
Last week when we were at an estate sale I found a pair for $25.
I was tempted to buy them but that's about the going rate for resale so I passed.  
Well, the other day wouldn't you know I spied this set for $6! 

Lastly, I have a thing for vintage lamps.  
I've been collecting milk glass ones that I plan on using one day. 
[famous last words]
I don't generally buy lamps if they aren't in pairs 
[non-milk glass that is]
 but I couldn't pass up these two smaller ones for my 
Etsy store.  
I found them at two different stores and just loved the detail on both.  
I always offer to leave the shade because they're usually in rough shape and most of the time get a discount for it. 
Trick of the trade people!

Doesn't the detail on this one look like frosting??

and I think this one is so girlie vintage


Flea Finds

This week Mr. We and I went to an estate sale and I found a few things to add to the pile.

First, I L-O-V-E vintage luggage, who doesn't?
Can't you picture a little girl using these suitcases to pack for a stay at Grandma's?


My beautiful niece is getting married in May and she just loves vintage.  
Here we are about 20 years ago 
{yes I'm rockin that perm}

I have been collecting silver for her centerpieces.  
She's very creative and artistic, I can't wait to see what she does with them.

The house we went to for the sale was a huge split level.  It was packed with stuff AND people, the entire street was full of cars.  
Of all those people my husband and I found ourselves in this one room alone.  
As we were looking around there was this weird whining moan coming from the corner.  
We turned around and...
 it was a DOLL
My husband whispered "hell no
I grabbed his arm and we couldn't run fast enough out of that room 
{yes, admittedly I used him as a shield but c'mon that thing was possessed}  
I am not making this up.  
I asked him if I should go back and take a picture, he looked at me like I grew two heads.  

But here's a close resemblance

After we beelined it out of there we made our way to the garage.  
We bought some more stuff including this set of keys.  
I wonder what they went to?

Lastly, I'm a sucker for white or cream colored ceramic, especially animals.  


Atomic Lamp Restyle

Last week I posted about this flea find lamp
 I love "atomic" lamps.  
They remind me of being a kid and all the funky home furnishings people had.  
So unique

I was deciding whether to leave as is or paint and add to my Etsy shop.  
Guess what I decided.

I was picturing a mirror finish and had heard about this stuff in blog land:

So, I went to Hobby Lobby with my coupon (holy cow this stuff is $$$).

Can you read that? 
Obviously I didn't. 
I thought I could use it on metal, how cool would that look?  
But what about my lamp says 
"hello I'm clear glass
"hey if you spray on the REVERSE side of MY GLASS SURFACE you will get a reflective finish!" 

So this is what I got: 
It actually looks alot shinier in the picture.  
In real life it had more of an aluminum foil, 
I want to be in someones fake spaceship look.
I understand "atomic" but...

So I decided to go back to the drawing board.  

and here it is with it's new brown hammered finish

I'm debating on whether to fix the spot below or leave as a vintage {wink}
What do you think? 

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