Mama Needs a New Chair

‘My  Mom is an avid knitter and needs something with more support than a couch to sit on while doing so.
I was out doing my normal weekly rounds and stumbled – yes, literally stumbled, as I stepped on the sidewalk outside the store.  
Have you ever walked into a store or estate sale and something catches your eye so you make a beeline to it without quite paying attention to what’s in your way? Your vision develops crosshairs? 

Well that was me - I tripped on the sidewalk - doh!
I don’t think anyone was watching, but I could have cared less because I saw THIS:
The sign said everything on the sidewalk 50% off [yessssss]
Of course no price tag, so I went in and asked. 

Here’s how the conversation went:

[NICE LADY]  “hmmm - ummmm - welllllll.....How about $10.00?”
[ME WITH POKER FACE] “Is it 50% of that amount?”

Of course it needs a new outfit but this thing is SOLID and it SWIVELS.  Perfect for reaching for those skeins of yarn and glancing at the pattern.  

I'm going to work on it today so I can surprise her Saturday and  I will post pics when I’m done!

Oh yeah, I got this beauty for $2.50.  Filled it with Sam's Club flowers and ooollaaaa:




My New Scrapbook (that's 126 Years Old)...

My Dad is somewhat of a pack-rat (I know where I get it from) and when my Grandparents passed years ago he had to empty out their house.  It was a large historic home located on Main St. in a tiny town called Hinsdale, MA.  

When my Grandparents bought it they shared it with my Great Aunt (remember where I got all of that sheet music?).  
She lived on one side and they lived on the other. 

You can see the house in the background.
My grandma on the left, my cute Dad on the right

The last time my Dad came to visit me he brought along another one of his boxes (I usually get 1 per trip).  Since we recently moved I really hadn't taken the time to sift through it until now.

Well  looky what I found:  an old scrap book!

It took some piecing together but what I found out is it belonged to Elizabeth Tuttle who was the previous owner of my Grandparents house IN THE 1800’sThat’s right you heard me…  and I have her original [chock full] scrap book 

I need to break it down in a couple of parts so this is Part I
Christmas cards!

All of these cards are from the time period 1884-1887.  They're quite unique in that they don't open up like modern day cards.  They are on a thick stock paper, most printed on one side but some on both.  Since I had to scan them in you can't tell but they come in all different sizes, some the size of a modern day business card.

Then there were these furry critters with fringe around the edges.  Must have been "the thing" because she had a BUNCH of those:

I'm not sure what I will do with them.  More than likely save the collection for a while (like everything else that makes it's way into my home!)

Have a great weekend!

Check out my Dad in that awesome wicker baby carriage - yup that's how he rolls.


Vintage Handkerchiefs

A while back I started collecting vintage handkerchiefs.  

How classic and timeless they are.  
The care ladies put into hand sewing the flowers, initials, and the fine little details. 

Historically, you could use them to wave goodbye to a ship, hold back your hair, or in a bad spot -  surrender!  True story, when my first child was born I went through natural labor (wishing the whole time I had opted for some drugs).  Needless to say, there was some cussing going on.  The next day as I was lying in the hospital bed, my Dr. stuck his arm through the curtain and waived a white hanky at me – heh!

It is believed that King Richard II of England (reigned 1377-1399) invented the handkerchief , written that he used square cloth to wipe his nose.  I’m not sure I’m buying the fact he was the first one to come up with that simple movement….

Did you know that once upon a time the material a handkerchief was made from was symbolic of your social status? 

 I think it’s a lost art really.  You don’t see ladies carrying handkerchiefs like they used to.  They’re considered unsanitary but when Kleenex invented disposable tissue they never thought they would replace hankys so marketed them as make up removers. I remember my grandmother used to keep one tucked in her sleeve. 
Oh, and how about this Mommy classic move:  
honey-you-have-something-on-your-face-lick-the-hankie-rub-off-the-culprit-so-hard-you-had-a-red-mark-for-20-minutes. It would happen so fast - you wouldn't be able to squirm away because she would have your chin in a vice grip that any Ultimate Fighter would envy.
I have several in my Etsy shop for sale but am loathe to sell them all – I just love them and the reminder of a simpler time....


The Man with the Golden Helmet

One of the things I truly love about this hobby of mine is the 
opportunity to learn along the way.  
I came across this guy while out thrifting and something just drew me to him. 

There was some sort of faint memory of seeing him before.  Maybe it was another lifetime, 
I was a Queen... 
trapped in a castle...
and he was the Conquistador that came to save me? 

Rembrandt Self Portrait 1660
 it’s a mid-century mass reproduction of what was thought to be a Rembrandt painting that just about every den 
(a.k.a. man-cave) in America housed.  
My parents didn’t own one, 
but since I was a teenager during that time I’m sure some of my friends had one in their house, 
hence the memory of my champion.  
Oh well, a girl can dream.
It was originally thought that the painting was of Rembrandt’s older brother Adriaen, a poor shoemaker.

As I was researching I found out they discovered that The Man with the Golden Helmet isn't a Rembrandt.  
The solemn soldier's worth went from 
8 Million to 1.5 Million.  
Geez, talk about falling off  your pedestal.  

He went from “masterpiece” to “independent original”. 
{Booooo, Hissss}  
Of course Rembrandt was a master, 
but I find it sad someone else now went unrecognized.  
Obviously, someone was good enough to be mistaken for 
Rembrandt in the same 1600's time period,  
more than likely facing economic struggles, 
 trying to make his break (or fingers-crossed… HER break?)  

So the mystery remains, 
who painted this strong, sad man?  

p.s. guess how much I paid for my reproduction.... 
.15 cents


J for the Rainy Day

It’s been rainy, rainy, rainy here in Chattanooga so I've had to put off painting projects.  
I decided to try my hand at another craft project.  
I hit the Black Friday sale at JoAnn's with my Mom and brought my 70% coupon.  Of course you have to find something that ISN'T on sale to use it on, which is practically impossible the day after Thanksgiving.  The last couple of times I was in I spotted these huge cardboard letters and thought, hmm... decoupage?!

It seems the heavens have opened up and rained down sheet music all over blog land.  It is EVERYWHERE, especially with all of your awesome holiday decorating.  Well, I have boxes and boxes of old sheet music from the early 1900's - now.  That's right! I've been hanging on to it for years, most of  it came from my Great Uncle who was an avid pianist.

Yes, that's Judy Garland!

It just so happens that is also one of my talents...  When I was about 7, my parents bought a brand new piano.  I think my Mom was hoping all 5 of us kids would play, but in the end it was just me, the baby.  At first I took lessons from my babysitter, but soon out grew her and moved on to this other lady. (She was mean and had a thing for metronomes).  Thank God I outgrew her too and moved on to some "formal" training at a college.  I played for 7 years until I was 14 and then my Mom realized I really wasn't enjoying it but doing it for her.  I still have that piano and have hauled it all over the U.S.  I've probably spent more on moving it then the price of it new!  And I still like to play for my Mom...
Back to the J story...
So it was $9.99, I asked for a discount because it was ripped:

They gave 25% off then 70% off so I spent about $2.50. wahoo!

So I went to work, I've never done this before but it was fun and I think I did okay.....

I put it in my office on the Jenn wall (remember my chalkboard ?).  I have these two shelves and table that hold my little tchotchkes so they don't clutter up the whole house :)

My favorite music sheet project was on Miss Mustard Seed's blog:
I want to make one just like it but thought it best to start on something a little smaller.  
I think now I will give it a shot.  


I would like to thank...

So, my friend ALLISON @ Fab Rehab Creations gave me an award today:

How sweet is that!!! Now I get to pay it forward to those that have inspired me and are stylin' in their own right! 
In order to accept this award, here are the rules:
Share 7 things about yourself
Pay it forward and pass this on to bloggers who are deserving.
Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award!
It's that easy!
OK - Seven things you should know about me:
  1. I have an extra heartbeat (for real!!)
  2. I have two dogs - Bubba & Gump 
  3. I am a terrible singer ( I really should never do this in public)
  4. I grew up on a farm in Upstate NY
  5. My thumbs dislocate so I can get out of handcuffs (c'mon I HAD to put that in)
  6. I love golf & racquetball
  7. I cannot be trusted in a book store with a credit card
People who have inspired me and/or given me encouragement for my little blog that could:


Obligatory Bloggy Chalkboard Frame

A few months back when I started out as a rookie blog stalker (hey, I've come a long way), I kept coming across chalkboard after chalkboard, usually made from old frames 
(I have many which seem to reproduce when I'm not looking).  
Spruced up with some paint, ribbon, chalkboard paint, and some witty writing for display.  
Well, I myself am more of a furniture lover and not much of a crafter but you all are so inspiring out there, I thought what the heck, let's try.
So... this is what I found -

 Liberace called, he wants his frame back. Yeah, this guy here: 

 I found it at New Leash on Life 
(a local thrift store for unwanted pets) 
it was a little pricey in my book because it was pretty beat up and such an oh so lovely color.  
BUT for my four-legged friends, 
not a problem, 
you got it. 
Now mind you, I don't dislike gold, a nice subtle creamy version, 
but this was Vegas gold, like BAM-in-your-face-gold.
So, I rough painted it with an ivory color, Mr. We cut out a piece of Home Depot hard board, I painted it with chalkboard paint and then... this is where I fail.
I got carried away with My Lit'le Fren 
apparently it was too powerful for the plaster detail on the front.
Then, I fail again.
Is anyone out there a Gorilla Glue expert?  
This is my second project with my second type of Gorilla Glue and both times it did this:
What the??????  
I see Gorilla Glue all over blog land and no one ever talks about this little expansion business.  
Is all Gorilla Glue like this? 
Now it's basically cemented in there, so moving on. 
I added the hooks on back, added a ribbon to hang it from and then decided I wanted to just set it on the table on the Jenn wall in my office

Next, I added a piece of chalk tied to twine:
Lastly, my Mom is visiting for the holiday so I asked her to do the honors and write something witty:
okay, close enough Mom 
(it says Thanks for the Hospitality).... 
she's so sweet.
Like I said, I'm not so good at crafting but I am now the proud owner of a bloggy-like chalkboard.  
Keep crafting you uber crafters, and I will try to keep up on occasion!

My email ~~ fleawith@gmail.com ~~