found it: craigs list

We all know Craig's List is chock full of great finds and I for one peruse it daily.  I generally just look through furniture because if I wander into say farm+garden I will be longing for those darling little baby ducks for $1 each or a 1,500 lb horse I am SURE would fit in my patio area.  

This beauty is my most favorite find:
I bought it for $40!! 
My husband says it looks like it belonged on some wagon train - a U-Haul of sorts back in the day (yes those are wooden wheels!).  I asked the man why he was selling it and did he know anything about it?  He said his ex bought it and his current girlfriend wanted nothing to do with it. Personally if it were me I would've quickly gotten over the petty fact that it was the ex's and given her a nod for good taste in furniture.  He said she bought it at an antique store that imports from India and Morocco. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I was the winner in this transaction.
If you don't find exactly what your looking for at least the reading can be quite entertaining.  

I think some people believe they will get more bang for their buck (ummmm.. it's free) if they list a bunch of stuff in one ad, which is fine, but they should title their ad accordingly.  How would one know you are selling a beautiful French chair and a vintage buffet if all the title says is "Couch $25".  Most people would skim over it as they visualize some velour country scene brown and orange beauty that smells like cat pee.

My other pet peeve is SIMPLE spelling and grammar.  I know I'm not an English teacher and am sure you could pick apart my blog on occasion but COME ON. I know the difference between the words sale and sell.  
Actual ad:  "I need to sale this couch by tomorrow or it's going to the dump".  mmmhmm

Forget about using the search bar.  If you're lucky you might get 50% of the actual sofas, sofah, sofe, sofahs, that are for sell.

Have you ever seen a fight on Craig?  I have! Between a yard sale-ee and a yard sale-er. 
I stumbled across it as I was looking at the garage sales Saturday and I see all of these "KICK ASS" ads from Friday. 
Huh? Must click.
The first ad I read was from the yard sale-ee, angry because she got to this place and they weren't ready to start sale-ing. So she gets home and posts this ad calling out TO THE MOST KICK ASS YARD SALE.  Yup, that's the name of her ad, because you guessed it (I scrolled back to find it) the yard sale-er posted her ad as just that. THE MOST KICK ASS YARD SALE DON'T MISS THIS ONE!! 

Yard sale-ee proceeds to post this big long opening argument about everything that was wrong with the sale and that she drove 30 minutes to go to the most kick ass sale that wasn't even worth it, wasn't even ready, blah, blah, blah.  

Well Kick Ass must have got wind someone was dissing her so she pops back on and posts her ad TO THE RUDE PERSON WHO LEFT MY KICK ASS YARD SALE. In her rebuttal she proceeds to rip lady shopper and explain that there were 40 MPH winds that were breaking lamps and she was busy dealing with that, that's why she wasn't ready. 

I hate confrontation, especially about stupid stuff.  Have you ever been at a yardsell and seen people argue?  I beeline it in the other direction.Those kind of people scare me a little. 

And yes I am aware of the incorrect usage and made up words I used for my own silly amusement :)


Ali Richardson said...

Ha ha! Jenn, this post cracked me up!!! Craig's List can definitely be a strange place to shop. I love that "U-haul!" Great find!!!

Vivienne @ the V Spot said...

Oh yes... craigslist spelling/categorizing/title hell. I have never seen a yard sale cat fight though. That would be hilarious!

I got a response to a bed set I was selling and the guy wrote:

"I am interesting in your bed."

reeeeeally? Is that a proposition?

The Revamped Soul said...

I love this, it reminds me of something I'd see in Anthropologie. Too cute and, yes, that was definitely a find. By the way, I loved your little post at the bottom about the yard sale. We always get a kick out of people's spelling and grammar on there, and I think the word that most people misspell is "dinning" instead of "dining." :)

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