Flea Finds

This week Mr. We and I went to an estate sale and I found a few things to add to the pile.

First, I L-O-V-E vintage luggage, who doesn't?
Can't you picture a little girl using these suitcases to pack for a stay at Grandma's?


My beautiful niece is getting married in May and she just loves vintage.  
Here we are about 20 years ago 
{yes I'm rockin that perm}

I have been collecting silver for her centerpieces.  
She's very creative and artistic, I can't wait to see what she does with them.

The house we went to for the sale was a huge split level.  It was packed with stuff AND people, the entire street was full of cars.  
Of all those people my husband and I found ourselves in this one room alone.  
As we were looking around there was this weird whining moan coming from the corner.  
We turned around and...
 it was a DOLL
My husband whispered "hell no
I grabbed his arm and we couldn't run fast enough out of that room 
{yes, admittedly I used him as a shield but c'mon that thing was possessed}  
I am not making this up.  
I asked him if I should go back and take a picture, he looked at me like I grew two heads.  

But here's a close resemblance

After we beelined it out of there we made our way to the garage.  
We bought some more stuff including this set of keys.  
I wonder what they went to?

Lastly, I'm a sucker for white or cream colored ceramic, especially animals.  


TriciaAnn said...

Using Terri as a shield is pay back to him for when he used you as one. When we the Family surprised/scared/ welcomed you guys in your hotel room when we all first met him! Too Funny. Awww Love the pic for many reasons. It's of us, Straight across bangs (who knew?? I was ahead of my time in style) and its in a Photo Booth! <3

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08 February, 2011

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