Flea Finds

Hi ya'll!
This week I wasn't going to go thrifting as I had been out of town on business 
but we all have had THAT conversation before, riiiiight?
So.... I decided to pop in to a few stores while running errands Sunday.  
Don't you just love those days when you weren't planning on finding anything and JACKPOT!?!

My Mom bought me one of these Homco globe candle holders years ago and it's been one of my favorite treasures that actually survived my children growing up.  
Now I have a match!  
I don't plan on selling it...

Speaking of a match, I found a glass horse head a while back for .99
woot woot!
Last week when we were at an estate sale I found a pair for $25.
I was tempted to buy them but that's about the going rate for resale so I passed.  
Well, the other day wouldn't you know I spied this set for $6! 

Lastly, I have a thing for vintage lamps.  
I've been collecting milk glass ones that I plan on using one day. 
[famous last words]
I don't generally buy lamps if they aren't in pairs 
[non-milk glass that is]
 but I couldn't pass up these two smaller ones for my 
Etsy store.  
I found them at two different stores and just loved the detail on both.  
I always offer to leave the shade because they're usually in rough shape and most of the time get a discount for it. 
Trick of the trade people!

Doesn't the detail on this one look like frosting??

and I think this one is so girlie vintage


Kim @ Second Time Furniture said...

Those lamps are darling, and my little girl would love the horse bookholders!

freckled laundry said...

Welcome back. Beautiful finds! I grew up in a town called Horseheads. Ha!

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