Sounds good to me!

I decided to buy something this week that may have many of you scratching your heads thinking 
this girl could be going off the deep end...." 

but I did it anyway.

and my husband deserves an award for patience.

I present to you my newest vintage treasure
a 1974 RCA Console complete with AM/FM stereo, record player, and 8 track player
it's solid maple,
 works perfectly,
 and is like a big warm hug from the past

i swear i dusted
The sound is incredible!
not like your high tech modern day sound, 
but something you can only hear 
from this classic beauty
Do you remember the sound of the needle on the record?
That slight, scratching, crackle?
I put on Frank Sinatra and heard that noise...
I believe I did some sort of 
We danced and sang and laughed for hours!!

Remember this song?
click below to hear it!

I highly suggest ya'll go right out and find one because it is 
you can find some killer albums for $.50 at thrift stores

I kept two albums from when I was younger
The original Grease soundtrack
and REO Speedwagon
They are packed away from the move but I am on a mission to find them now!

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Debra@Dejarenew.blogspot.com said...

Oh my gosh !! Yay. I collect 45's...you know I am 38 so I am reliving the childhood thing. But seriously most 45's I have are 50's. I have a fascination with that music. I found a stereo console in December at my neighbors estate sale on a Saturday and got it for 13 bucks. Still debating if I want to attempt a paint job. You can check it out on my what I should be doing post lol.
Have fun listening to your records.

Ali Richardson said...

Awesome!! I love some Sinatra! Great blog, I'm your newest follower. Happy Sunday, Ali

The Shabby Home said...

Hi Jenn! It's nice to hear from a fellow Tennessian! Let's keep in touch.

JunkyJen said...

Okay I lurve it too! and I lurve old music!! Are you going to paint this beauty?? Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. I can tell just by looking at your blog that our names aren't all we have in common!!

nickys nook said...

you have a beautiful piece such beautiful detail - have u decided what youre going to do with it

Ruthie said...

My husband and i just bought a console system that looks exactly like yours on the inside... BUT.. its manual is from 1973 and its smaller .. just three panels in front..... our record player isnt working (we need new sylus)... would love any advice you might have :) ... I was thrilled to find we can actually plug our iphone into the back and listen to many old records this way... :)
thanks! love your post!

My email ~~ fleawith@gmail.com ~~