Flea Finds

This week I found what I consider my "typical" haul.  Ironstone, scrabble tiles, vintage utensils, something for someone I love...

I love scrabble.  I play as much as I can when my Mom visits and 
Now they have it on Facebook!!  
M'friend Julianne and I have 2 games going at all times. 
I have no shame in my game and take complete advantage of their "2 letter word" dictionary.

I've taken up collecting old scrabble games for the tiles

That's all, 
just Ahhhh.

My daughter moved in to her first place a year ago and I'm always finding little things for her.  She loves wood accessories so I snagged these wooden candle holders.  

I was going to sell these vintage melamine bowls but I just love the color and think I'll hang on to them for a while.  
They're the perfect size for ice cream (ummmm... if you're being good).

To add to my vintage utensil collection 

This is my collection

Is it considered hoarding if everything is nice and tidy in an enamelware bowl? 
Have you ever watched that show?  
I get so stressed watching it because every time they lift something up I am terrified some rodent type animal will jump out. Honestly I've only watched one episode and when they found an animal skeleton AND a live possum IN THE KITCHEN I just couldn't take it.

Lastly, I found this lamp.  I thought it was funky and unique.  
I was thinking of spray painting it with a mirrored finish.  
Or maybe I should just list it in my Etsy shop as is.  
What do you think?

That's it for this week!


jandjhome said...

Awesome finds! I find myself having so much stuff lately. We can be hoarders together :)

freckled laundry said...

Great finds. A mirror finish on the lamp would be cool.

Happy Friday!

Emily said...

Love your newest finds!
The lemon looks SO great in that bowl. I love those colors together :)
-Emily @ Crisp Interiors

Serendipity Chic Design said...

Ooh...love it all...Especially the ice cream bowls. Did I spy a knife in your collection with a tortoise shell handle. Very cool....

Take care,

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