Organized Chaos

There are many positives that can come from 
adding to your treasury.
One being that you may be pushed to actually get organized. 
Since my lovely purchase from last week is 5' long I had some reorganizing to do.

Do you remember one of my resolutions was to organize my office?  I had piles of Etsy stuff, work stuff, and just stuff.


I went to Sam's Club and bought two shelving units. 
We put them together and two hours later, voila'! 

I have an office you can actually move around in!
While my assistant Bubba was outside keeping an eye on the postman, garbage truck, UPS truck, and various other woodland creatures that may break the perimeter...  

My other assistant Gump was a little put out that I would use HIS couch as a resting place for some things while I organized.
 Here he is displaying a framed print that is on my restyle to do list.  
Waiting patiently...  

Over it....

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