Whooose do you like better?!?

Have you ever restyled something and then come across a similar item in 
a magazine, on tv, or in a store?  
Swearing someone stole your idea, 
convincing yourself you are a prophetic design guru?  
Well that happened to me today.

I am always on the look out for large ceramic animal or figurine lamps.  
Preferably some obnoxious color that would make people walk right on by.  
My thought is to spray paint the piece high gloss white like those 
animal heads and antlers everyone is crazy about. Plus I just love white decor.

We went to an estate sale on Saturday and part of it was this huge owl collection.  
We're talking serious owl obsession,
everything from dishes to jewelry and 
it covered two long tables plus a display cabinet.  
Cassie are you reading this? :))
I came across this large owl lamp [it's 14"H x 10"W] 
and thought, 
this is perfect for the white out!

So I snagged him 
and received a few huh? looks
 from other shoppers, but I don't care.
No shame in my game.
the lamp shade was in really bad shape so I left it there

Before I primed I forgot to get a before picture {I'M SORRY}  
I was working on two projects at once and completely spaced.  

It was green, orange, yellow, and brown. 

You know,
 all those cool Brady Bunch colors.  

And here he is with a shiny new white coat.  

I want to list him in my Etsy shop and went to researching online pricing for similar items, 
[because of course there wouldn't be anything practically identical to this one of a kind lamp]
But, guess what came up...  

West Elm... 

it's not vintage!!


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i found a pair locally a week or two ago and hemmed and hawed and didn't buy them. they were $50 for the pair, so it wasn't exactly cheap. and i was going to paint them, too. and i already had lamps i liked, so i couldn't bring myself to justify it! yours looks great and has me thinking i may need to get those two i saw. :)

Ali Richardson said...

AWESOME!!! You totally thought of it first!! AND, yours are the real deal - Vintage!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Jenn that is crazy that you saw this copy of your vintage lamp! I love that you painted him white!

freckled laundry said...

Ha! Crazy coincidence. I like yours better, of course!

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