Home Sweet Home

36 hours
5 airports
0 hours of sleep
1 lost bag

As some of you know, I travel about every 6 weeks or so for work from Chattanooga to Phoenix.  I connect in Charlotte, NC and all in all it takes about 5-6 hours of flight time one way.  
This time....not so much.
That's all I got to say about that.

When I'm in Phoenix I usually hit my old stomping grounds to seek some treasures for my shop.  It's tough because I'm always finding BIG items - LOTS of furniture!!- but obviously can't fit them in my luggage.
 my daughter is moving from Phoenix here to TN next year... 
[what's a few more pieces to add to the truck?]

This time I found 4 watercolors that are in excellent condition.  
They are 4x6, in black wood frames, each depicting one of the four seasons.  





The back has the season written on it

I couldn't find anything on the artist Von but they're signed and dated '74

Upon my return I always arrive to a bouquet of fresh flowers from mr. we 
[not to mention a clean house, clean dogs and sushi - he's all mine ladies!!!]
I split the bouquet up and share the love throughout the house.

Needless to say it's good to be home.  
What's your worst travel/flight experience?


Serendipity Chic Design said...

AWESOME eye catching photos of the flowers...

Those water colors are to die for, unique, and one of a kind.....

Take care,

Junky Jen said...

What a great Hubby!!! My worst travel experience involved lots of driving/shopping(the good part) and a hotel with mouse poop in the bed and then having to find another hotel in the middle of the night,where rooms are booked months in advance.....my annual trip to Canton, Texas flea market!

The Vintique Object said...

Pretty little watercolors! And your photos of the flowers are stunning, as usual. Any tips?

My email ~~ fleawith@gmail.com ~~