Now I know why patience is a virtue....

Here is my little innocent 1980's cane back chair that I found.
It looks harmless right? 
Nice cane, simple cushion to recover (remember I said that later), easy peasy, slam dunk.

The straps were broke in the seat so we put some of my favorite Gorilla Glue to reattach the metal ends.  

ONCE AGAIN [will I ever learn???]

I would like to share with you an example
 of either the larva or the pupa phase of a caterpillar, I'm not sure which.
So Mr. We got out his handy dandy box cutter and took care of it for me.

Moving on

This is where I started to get a little impatient.  
I used some wood stain in the Karate Kid technique and it just saturated it before I could do the wipe off part. 
 I lightened it back up with shots of spray paint, then it was too white.  
More stain, ewww looks dirty.
You get the picture.

I decided to move on to the cushion recover with some red toile fabric 
Here we go with the what felt like 9 miles of piping

On to the cutting, pinning, so far so good.  
BUT what I don't have a picture of is trying to sew the corners of the cushion that are like arms [or fins].  I must have worked on this for 3 hours.  
I found myself murmuring like Rain Man, turn the corner, turn the corner, turn the corner. How frustrating. 
 Hats off to you reupholster queens out there.  
Hints are welcome. 

here it is all done.  
The cane looks dirty so I'm going back to the drawing board with that.  I was hoping maybe it was the light in the basement, but no, definitely looks dirty.

Very disappointing but thought I would share anyway.

I can hear you guys, oh, try try again Jenn, you can do it.  
But really?  I hated it. 
I've decided if the cushion isn't round or square I'm walking right on by.

You know why????
Because I make Nemo  cushions.  


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

get back on that horse and try again! really it is not that bad. i am sure you can fix it and make it new again- the paint finish is fabulous!

Good Time Charlie said...

This chair is so adorable. I am a toile junky. I would love to just move this chair right into my front room. Good job!

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