You Just Never Know

To be a treasure hunter you need a strong constitution.  By that I mean sometimes you just have to overlook the unusual items you may see.  Carry on like you expected it there, CONTINUE THE SEARCH!!

Like for instance these commodes and used bedpan named Relax:

Or how about a box of legs:

Now I'm not saying there isn't a need for these particular items but to come across them while looking at paintings or furniture, you're just not expecting it.  But in my opinion that's what makes searching so entertaining.  

Sometimes one woman’s trash is another woman’s… well…trash!  But sometimes, you find gems like these:

 These are just a few of the lovelies I've found over the last month or so.  We just moved to Chattanooga and I'm getting to know the area.  I've found 5 shops I visit every week, am learning the bulk trash pick up days (you wouldn't believe the furniture people DONATE to land fills - ugh!) and increasing my square mileage coverage slowly but surely.

I'm sure I will see many more oddities in my travels and will be sure to share!



freckled laundry said...

Cute post. What's a thrift trip without some feet sticking out of a box? Ha! I agree; you've gotta shell through a bunch of weird to find those little gems.

Jenn ~ Flea With Me said...

Thanks!! I love the strange and unique, it keeps things interesting that's for sure...

Miss Mustard Seed said...

Yep, you do have to wade through a bunch of junk to find the goodies. I've never come across a pair of legs, though!

Jenn ~ Flea With Me said...

I think the legs (especially a BOX of!) top my list of moments when I just stood and stared for a minute thinking "huh??"

nickys nook said...

it's funny you say this when my friend and i go hunting her eyes always zoom in on all the porta potties and they are everywhere

Jenn ~ Flea With Me said...

Nicky they are everywhere!

Do you have an email or blog? When I try to open your link it says no profile available :(

My email ~~ fleawith@gmail.com ~~