I have freckles too...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
This year is strange for me, it's the first time my kids are off to spend Thanksgiving elsewhere (sniff...).  Getting used to this empty nest syndrome is odd to say the least.  So we are going to a relative's house for dinner  and it's the first time I can remember not cooking either!! 
All of my side dishes are made and we're watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - ah the life :) (although I would prefer the craziness of cooking dinner for 15+ people!).
Back to blog business.....
Freckled Laundry
I am now advertising with Jami at Freckled Laundry  who has launched her Vintage Market!  

I'm so excited because, well, look to the right ... not many followers yet <sigh>, so here's to hoping this will help my blog and my Etsy shop!

Enjoy your holiday~


Deb - Pink Pig said...

Hi Jenn...I am loving all these goodies and i will be back for more. Will add you to my blogroll!

Jenn ~ Flea With Me said...

Thanks Deb!! I seem to be running into a glitch adding you to my blog roll. I can follow you in Google but my blog (blogs I love list) is not finding your URL... hmmm... I'm using pinkpigwestport.com/blog - any suggestions? I will keep working on it.

Emily said...

Such a treat to visit your blog!
I love your sense of style and creativity!
Stop by and see me again soon!
Emily @ Crisp Interiors


P.S. I'm now a follower!!! :)

Jenn ~ Flea With Me said...

I will definitely be stopping by. Thanks for following me, I really appreciate it!

Allison said...

Hey Jenn! Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower! You've got mad skills at finding good stuff :) I'm thrilled to be able to follow you too!

Jenn ~ Flea With Me said...

Thank you Allison - yeah!

My email ~~ fleawith@gmail.com ~~