J for the Rainy Day

It’s been rainy, rainy, rainy here in Chattanooga so I've had to put off painting projects.  
I decided to try my hand at another craft project.  
I hit the Black Friday sale at JoAnn's with my Mom and brought my 70% coupon.  Of course you have to find something that ISN'T on sale to use it on, which is practically impossible the day after Thanksgiving.  The last couple of times I was in I spotted these huge cardboard letters and thought, hmm... decoupage?!

It seems the heavens have opened up and rained down sheet music all over blog land.  It is EVERYWHERE, especially with all of your awesome holiday decorating.  Well, I have boxes and boxes of old sheet music from the early 1900's - now.  That's right! I've been hanging on to it for years, most of  it came from my Great Uncle who was an avid pianist.

Yes, that's Judy Garland!

It just so happens that is also one of my talents...  When I was about 7, my parents bought a brand new piano.  I think my Mom was hoping all 5 of us kids would play, but in the end it was just me, the baby.  At first I took lessons from my babysitter, but soon out grew her and moved on to this other lady. (She was mean and had a thing for metronomes).  Thank God I outgrew her too and moved on to some "formal" training at a college.  I played for 7 years until I was 14 and then my Mom realized I really wasn't enjoying it but doing it for her.  I still have that piano and have hauled it all over the U.S.  I've probably spent more on moving it then the price of it new!  And I still like to play for my Mom...
Back to the J story...
So it was $9.99, I asked for a discount because it was ripped:

They gave 25% off then 70% off so I spent about $2.50. wahoo!

So I went to work, I've never done this before but it was fun and I think I did okay.....

I put it in my office on the Jenn wall (remember my chalkboard ?).  I have these two shelves and table that hold my little tchotchkes so they don't clutter up the whole house :)

My favorite music sheet project was on Miss Mustard Seed's blog:
I want to make one just like it but thought it best to start on something a little smaller.  
I think now I will give it a shot.  


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

looks great, jenn! i actually did sheet music on some of those letters last month for a market- i spelled "joy". they didn't sell so maybe i will have to put them in my home!

Lynda said...

I too was made to take piano lessons from 3rd grade until i made cheerleader...thanks for the sheet music idea!Love your post!

Allison said...

Ooooh! I love the colored music...it adds a lot! Great work!

jandjhome said...

I love the J!

Deb - Pink Pig said...

So Jenn i think i need to get busy this winter so i can keep up with all your creative projects. I love what you did with the letter using sheet music. It looks fabulous!

nickys nook said...

Such a good idea I love how it looks

Curtains In My Tree said...

I really like the colored sheet music added.

Most of us wouldn't think of adding color good job

I want to try the dresser look also

Ginnie@allie~millie designs said...

I love your letter! and the blue colored music makes it that much better! MMS's dresser is what gave me the idea of doing my coffee table, except I think hers is better! I didn't distress the edges though, after all that painting, I didn't want to do that and not like it! I want to but I'm scared, what do you think?

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