My New Scrapbook (that's 126 Years Old)...

My Dad is somewhat of a pack-rat (I know where I get it from) and when my Grandparents passed years ago he had to empty out their house.  It was a large historic home located on Main St. in a tiny town called Hinsdale, MA.  

When my Grandparents bought it they shared it with my Great Aunt (remember where I got all of that sheet music?).  
She lived on one side and they lived on the other. 

You can see the house in the background.
My grandma on the left, my cute Dad on the right

The last time my Dad came to visit me he brought along another one of his boxes (I usually get 1 per trip).  Since we recently moved I really hadn't taken the time to sift through it until now.

Well  looky what I found:  an old scrap book!

It took some piecing together but what I found out is it belonged to Elizabeth Tuttle who was the previous owner of my Grandparents house IN THE 1800’sThat’s right you heard me…  and I have her original [chock full] scrap book 

I need to break it down in a couple of parts so this is Part I
Christmas cards!

All of these cards are from the time period 1884-1887.  They're quite unique in that they don't open up like modern day cards.  They are on a thick stock paper, most printed on one side but some on both.  Since I had to scan them in you can't tell but they come in all different sizes, some the size of a modern day business card.

Then there were these furry critters with fringe around the edges.  Must have been "the thing" because she had a BUNCH of those:

I'm not sure what I will do with them.  More than likely save the collection for a while (like everything else that makes it's way into my home!)

Have a great weekend!

Check out my Dad in that awesome wicker baby carriage - yup that's how he rolls.


jrestucc said...

The cards are great! You must have been like a kid in a candy store when you opened that box...how exciting!

freckled laundry said...

Beautiful. What a treasure, Jenn. I would have died if that were handed to me. Adorable photo of your Dad. Isn't it weird to see our parents as babes?


Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

that is awesome! what a fabulous treasure... i love piecing together other people's lives and memories. what fun!

Allison@FabRehab said...

How flipping COOL is that?! I love that kind of stuff! We have neighbors named "Tuttle". Have fun figuring out what you'll do with all of that loot!

Deb - Pink Pig said...

What a great collection and something i know you will hold on to...I did some research here on our farmhouse and was able to gather photo's of the family that built the home. I have a box of photo's of my dad when he lived in Italy and each Christmas i pull out the box and Mom and I spend time at the kitchen table going over the photo's. Thanks for sharing... great post

Leslie said...

YOU ARE SO LUCKY! And thank goodness the collection came into your hands - someone who will treasure the album! Leslie

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